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The internet and social media have become a major part of our lives. Think about what you did the last time you needed to find a plumber, a handyman, new hairdresser or barber, optometrist, doctor, dentist, or babysitter. Sure, you probably asked friends, co-workers, a neighbor or family for recommendations, but more than likely, you also started up your favorite browser, typed a few words into the search bar, clicked through the search results and began reading comments, reviews and clinic or business websites. You may have even logged into Facebook or one of your favorite groups / communities to get recommendations from your peers.

Guess what? Your potential patients are doing the exact same thing. And this is why it is beneficial to your practice and bottom line, to be a member of and have your practice listed with

Dentist Reviews

Dentagama is an innovative new site that combines a social networking platform with a digital directory for use by the general public, the dental community, and those who offer products and services to the dental community.

When you register your dental clinic with, (registration is free), you become a member of a very valuable resource and community. You will have a web presence that can compliment your existing website and online social media profiles or allow those of you who currently don’t have an online presence, to finally have one.

The Dentagama website is very easy to use. Visitors to the site can perform a simple search, browse through very detailed profiles, (including a clinic description, contact information, and use of Google Maps for directions), read dentist reviews, read featured blog posts written by members on their own Dentagama blog and read general dental articles.

Dental professionals and those who offer products and services to the dental community have access to some very useful features included with the free membership. They are as follows:

  • Detailed profiles

    The profiles include the type of business, link to website, location and contact information, availability, language(s) spoken, services offered, profile picture, and adequate space to write a detailed description about you, your clinic or business. Your profile serves as your site listing that appears in Dentagama search results.

  • Gallery

    The gallery is useful for showcasing your work or sharing case studies.

  • Products

    The Product section can be used as an online catalog, complete with an image, product description, and price.

  • Blog

    This is a very powerful tool. Members can use this space to blog about dental news, case studies, office procedures, special offers, events, product reviews, etc. The blog articles may contain images and links. Featured articles are linked from the Dentagama home page.

  • Team

    This section is designed to showcase members of the staff or key members of a business. Each entry may include a profile picture, introduction, job title, education and credentials, work history, etc.

The common features, those shared by all registered users, are as follows:

  • Advanced search

    The search feature is easy to use and allows you to narrow down your search to display more relevant search results. (Also available to non-registered users / site visitors.)

  • Rating & Comments

    Everyone loves to voice their opinion, whether good or bad, online. This feature is powerful. Only registered members can rate and leave comments, but this feature is visible to visitors and registered members who view your profile / listing. Comments and reviews speak volumes and can be a deciding factor whether or not someone wants to become a patient or do business with you.

  • Follow / Unfollow

    Follow any profile you wish to stay in contact with and get updates each time their profile updates information, a new blog post is made, a new picture is added, a product is added, etc.

  • Messaging system

    This feature allows registered users to send messages to other users.

As you have probably already realized, Dentagama is a very useful resource that is only going to grow more valuable, more beneficial to you and your clinic or business, as it continues to grow. You have just been presented with a fabulous opportunity to get exposure, network with others, and ultimately increase your bottom line. Best of all – IT IS FREE! What are you waiting for! Register your free account today!